i have been playing guitar since i was 15.  i'm rather a mediocore player, but i enjoy it.  can't seem to remember anybody elses songs but my own, and even those i fergit if i don't record them.  played in a few bands.  had my own band in the early 90's, but grunge was the big thing, and i can't settle into a style, and i can't sing like i have rocks in my throat.  played bass in an irish band for many years.  that was fun, but i don't really listen to irish music.  i have 15 or so guitars - if you count the  assorted crappy ones, pile of amps and recording/band/PA gear.  since i have been in thailand a lot the last few years i have been enjoying their music. yah.

one of the pitfalls of sitting around your  apartment playing to yourself is you always get the  songs right!  doesn't matter if there's no intro, outro, chorus, fixed lyrics.  as soon as you  play for somebody else, the missing bits glare at you.  which can inspire you to work out the music.  BandAMP is doing that for me!

When Spartan Armies Attack

November 9th, 2008 + 5:11 AM  ·  Thaikarl

i think i recorded a drum track off a little cheap toy keyboard and sped it up in a sound editor, then played over it.  i was watching a channel 9 public television program about the Spartans, and their armies... hence the title.

Only Love will survive

November 9th, 2008 + 5:11 AM  ·  Thaikarl

one of those songs that came from thinking about someone, while playing guitar, some chords emerge while the thinker is thinking, and then the creator molds it into something presentable.

Slippery Sliden

June 30th, 2006 + 3:06 AM  ·  Thaikarl

the title describes the sound of this tune.  i'm stuck with the drum machine plan jane track, but i did work out a bass line for this one.

I Can Barely See You

June 17th, 2006 + 3:06 AM  ·  Thaikarl

accidentally discovered bandamp tonight.  my music is just sitting around on my hard drives... somebody might want to hear them besides me.

this is one of my guitar things.  i always have  a guitar within reach and i kind of randomly play chords and bits.  sometimes something cohesive appears and i record it.

the full title would be (You are so far away) I Can Barely See You.  thinking about my girlfriend in thailand, and about distance in relations - even when she's sitting across the room from me she's so far away (not my thai girl, previous situations)
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